A digital assistant that understands, translates and communicates in sign language using artificial intelligence

Sign Assistant

The voice revolution is around the corner. But we haven't considered the people who cannot speak or hear. Advances in AI, machine learning and computer vision as well as the the largest natural language processing database from Google combined will soon make it possible to translate and turn sign sign language to speech. We would combine these capabilities with a digital assistant to remove barriers of communication for millions of people with hearing loss across the world. The application would create a unique way to interface with the device, allowing conversations with others to feel natural - the phone would speak the words out loud in real time. Additionally, we would make a host of sound-based media accessible through simultaneous captioning.

Technology must adapt to the person, and not vice versa. The future of design must be inclusive, and uplift every member of the community, as every contribution moves all of us forward. As a part of Google's brand mission of accessibility, this initiative would also create awareness and inspire developers to consider digital inclusion in their apps.


Gold (App) - National ADDYs
Silver (Digital & Technology) - Creative Conscience
Gold (App) - District 14 ADDYs
Gold (App) - SF ADDYs


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